Junior male professional



  • No previous investment experience
  • Maybe 1-3 years investment banking experience, strategy consultancy or big four transaction services or lead advisory
  • Probably pre MBA although may be recently qualified accountant
  • Providing support to more experienced team members
  • Financial modelling and analysis
  • Market research
  • Involved in some external meetings
  • Post investment monitoring of management accounts
  • Challenging amount of responsibility
Career progression
  • Generally about two years as an Analyst before promotion to Associate / Investment Manager

Associates / Investment Managers

  • Similar to Analyst with an additional two to four years of relevant experience gained in an investment team, investment bank, transaction support team or consulting environment working on private equity or similar transactions. Associates might enter an investment role from outside the firm or be promoted from Analyst to Associate
  • Reviewing applications
  • Running parts of the transaction
  • Supporting the more experienced team members in negotiations and in execution
  • Starting to take responsibility for negotiating banking arrangements
  • Starting to build a contact network
Career progression
  • Generally two to three years in this role before promotion to a VP / Assistant Director / Associate Director

VP / Associate Director / Assistant Director

  • Usually three to six years investment experience before promotion to the level. May be recruited from another investment firm
  • Starting to source and lead investments, playing a significant role on larger transactions. Self-sufficient
Career progression
  • Two to three years in this role before promotion to Investment Director / Principal. Carried interest starts to ramp up

Investment Director / Principal

  • Minimum five to six years investment experience. Promoted from within or occasionally recruited from another investment firm
  • Runs deal teams, takes responsibility for the execution process, makes decisions and is one of the main points of contact externally for the business
  • Generally running deal teams, responsible for execution process, have decision-making responsibility and be one of the main points of contact externally for the business
  • Works with portfolio companies to achieve returns, sits on boards and is a key influencer
  • Will run exit processes
Career progression
  • May be at this level for some years. Minimum of two to three years to promotion to Director - depends on firm model

Partner / Director

  • Experienced private equity professional, near top of firm
  • Origination
  • Less hands-on involvement in transaction execution
  • Board seats and post investment is key part of role
  • Strategic decisions about the firm
  • Key role in fundraising
Career progression
  • Increasing involvement in carry – expected to be with the firm for the long haul
  • Opportunities to run growth strategies such as international expansion or building a sector focus