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Private markets is growing. As a result there are more jobs and an increasing variety of roles open to talented professionals. Find out which role would suit you best by checking through our summaries of the skills, experience and characteristics you need to succeed in each.

You are most likely to join the industry as an Analyst or Associate. Don't be too concerned about job title - these vary from firm to firm and don't equate to the same job titles in other sectors. You will need strong academic achievement, financial analysis skills and commercial acumen, irrespective of the role or segment of the private markets sector that you choose.

Find the role that fits your skills and personality and read how your career can develop in each of these.

These career guides are designed to help you think about the role you’ll be best suited for in the private markets.

In each section, you’ll get a sense of what each role entails and what experience you need to join at each level.