Careers Guide

There are different career paths in private equity. How can you find out which would suit you best? Read our summaries below of the skills, experiences and personality characteristics you need to succeed in each.

Career Paths

Our experience of helping hundreds of people take their first step into private equity has shown us that presenting your background and experience to highlight your relevant skills can considerably enhance your chances of successfully securing your first private equity position.

To begin your career in private equity you will probably join the industry as an analyst or associate. Don't be too concerned about the job title - these vary from firm to firm and don't equate to the same job titles in other sectors. Your academic achievements will need to be high and you'll need to be able to show both financial analysis skills and commercial acumen irrespective of the type of career or segment of the private equity sector that you choose.

To increase your chances of success, find the sector and type of role that fits your skills and personality best and read how your career can develop in each of these.